Online Classes

Do you have a set of watercolour pencils? Have you ever used them? If you're like most people you've bought them but don't know what to do with them! Well.....I can help you to figure that, really, I can!!! It's not hard to learn.  I've been teaching this medium for years and have had many students walk away telling me that they learned a whole bunch of stuff, that I made it easy for them and finally they got to use their pencils the proper way.  

So I've re-designed my material to bring you this class online over the computer. This way you don't even have to leave home! Actually, if you want to, you don't even have to get dressed!! LOL!

The class consists of over 150 minutes of video lessons and demonstrations.  The written material is over 100 pages so there's lots to read and learn.   

Have you ever had the desire to fool around with watercolours? Well, some of the applications and techniques you learn with the pencils can also be applied to watercolours.   If you've had an interest in learning watercolours then you'll find this course beneficial in this regard as well. For some folk, watercolour pencil is much easier to learn first before advancing to watercolours.  Once the student has mastered the watercolour pencil with a strong understanding and use of brush and water control, then advancing to watercolours will not be as big of a jump.

Get inspired to play with your pencils!

Watercolour pencils are fun. They're transportable so you can take them anywhere with you...vacation, the office, the car....anywhere and everywhere you can use your pencils!

You can get all the information you need to study with me, by jumping to watercolour pencil class will answer a lot of your questions. If you still have a question after reading, then feel free to email me.  Anything I can do to help you get started today. You'll be an expert with using your watercolour pencils in no time!