Tuesday, January 5, 2016

All Day Workshop

Make your own Sculpture.

You can view samples of some of my sculptures further down on this page.

Our next workshop will be Fall 2017

Workshop will include

sculpture product
wired armitage
some clothing and accessories
full course lunch
(notify me of any dietary restrictions and I'll try to accomodate)
wine & cheese with fruit
hand chosen rock 
I changed my mind  ...its easier for me to go rock hunting 'cause there's so many variables
and I wanna make sure we get specifics.

You need to bring

a package of white Walmart t-shirts - they come three to a bag for $10 - please wash them with no fabric softener
100% cotton doilies, napkins, tablecloths, placemats.
Make sure they are 100% cotton! 
Go to Value Village, they have tons of this kind of thing.  Just wash them all before bringing.
ribbons, bows, beads etc and any wee things that you want your sculpture to include
Wear your worse clothes!......product does not come out of anything
one small deep plastic container from dollar store - about 8" - 10" deep with a wide mouth
package of surgical gloves found at a drugstore
- not rubber gloves you do the dishes with -

To secure your registration a non-refundable deposit of $50 is required
which I use to buy the product - I have to travel out of town to pick it up so
your deposit will not only secure your seat but allows me to prepare as well as to know how many to cook for.

Registration closes Wed October 19th.

Don't wait til the last minute to register.  
First come first served!

One low cost of $137

Payable with PayPal (no account required)
allows you to pay with credit card
just click on the buy now button

Pay $50 deposit now with remainder payable, in cash only, at workshop
no personal cheques please


Pay $137 total cost now

Thank you for your registration

any questions please email me

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  1. The workshops are always very helpful and we should register for such learning places to groom our self . Thank you for your email id and contact number.