Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Intuitive Sculpting....

I'm so excited to finally share with that all the Christmas gifts have been delivered.

These are my latest works of art.

I call this form of art "Intuitive Sculpting"

I  totally rely on my intuition....
I have no pre-conceived notion of the final piece....
which adds to the therapeutic intuitive part of the sculpting.

This first picture is the first sculpture I created.

I was sobbing while I was dressing her.
I used several hankies that my Dad mailed to my Mom while he was posted overseas during the war.  Mom collected teddy bears as well and I knew  that this was one art project that would honour my late Mom.

I started with a chosen rock from the forest....built an armiture, used cotton t-shirts and a product called Powertex  to create a form, after which I "dressed" her with her outfit.

This sculpture I named "Paulie" after my Mom whose name was Pauline.

This next one is called "Feeding the Birds" as seen in Trafalgar Square in England (which I have visited)
She's made using a gray coloured Powertex.

"Meditative Prayer"

I moved next into creating 3 foot sculptures. The size allowed me to become even more creative while dressing her.

Meet "Victoria"

and then there's "Elizabeth"

with a couple of close-ups showing her detail....

she's made with cotton placemats and lots of cotton doilies.

So that's what I've been busy creating while mending a broken foot.

I will be making more of these you can bet and hope to sell them in a local art gallery.

If you want to order a custom made sculpture please email me....I'd feel most 
honoured to create a personalized sculpture just for you or a loved one.

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  1. Maer, your sculptures are stunning! A friend of mine teaches Powertex classes here in St. Thomas, and I did one sculpture years ago, you're inspiring me to do more!