Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kick The Boot Off Day....

Yippeee.....the AirBoot has been removed!
Now I'm busy learning how to walk, especially hard when the muscles in the foot and the leg
have kind of disappeared.  I'm making sure I follow the physio-therapist's instructions.... I want the leg to heal well. 

There has been a fair bit of excitement now that I am boot free.

My girlfriend took me out to lunch......

Hamburgers at The Works was so good.....notice the salt shaker? a lightbulb...kewl eh?

Another day we hit the Tanger Outlets......
We rented a wheelchair and off we went!

Yeah we were loaded with "Aldo" packages because I bought footware.....who in the world buys footware with a broken foot? Apparently I do !!

I certainly couldn't resist because the shoes were only $15 and the boots $20.
Who can buy footware for those prices!  And yes they fit too!!

I bought a wee "Coach" purse for my cell phone and some gloves for my classes to keep my fingers warm. So all in all it was a great day.
Thank you Janet!

I did alot of armchair designing and colouring.  Below are watercolour tulips that I will  teach soon.  Notice all the swatches of colour? I do that while I'm designing so that I know the palette months down the road.  This method also helps me to see the correct values as I colour.  Do you like them?

Another project I tried working on was a macaw.  Birds are something out of my comfort zone but this was the best time to play.  Here you can see that it may take quite a few drawings to figure it all out.
Six drawings and yet I still have another few to do before I finally get the bird to my liking.  Watch for this as a future class as well.  This is done using watercolour pencils.

Here I'm creating the beak and head. One must be very careful creating the eye....the focal point of the whole bird.

I'm not finished tweaking the macaw, but soon...I can't's been a long process!

Another watercolour pencil design.....I don't like anything about it so it's going to the bottom of the "dislike" bin.

As you can see I did a lot with my watercolour pencils.  I used the Derwent Inktense pencils

You can get these at Amazon.  They lay down in the same way as w/c pencils....but once dry they are permanent ink so there's no adjusting the colours.  The colours are rich and vibrant, juicy and very creamy.  I love mine.
Great for designing too!

This is the beginning stages of "Sharron".....a rubber stamp sold at Crop A While Store.  This will be a class at the store scheduled for the end of February.  This will be an introduction to watercolour pencils. Not only do we learn the medium but we learn how to paint head & shoulders - applying the lights and darks in the face. So here's your chance to try them out!  I'm just finishing up the art piece and will post when completed.

And what would an update be without pics of the kids.....
this is Mozart with a bad case of "bed head" !!!

Lucy found a new way of sleeping....I don't know how this posture could be comfortable!

Mozart being a mixim wanting to go for another ride on the walker!

That's it for now folks.....I will update my class schedule once all details are finalized with dates etc.
I start back to work in January....yippeeee!

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