Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Star Wars Foot Day Two

Today is the Autumnal Equinox...
the first day of autumn meaning cooler days and shorter nights
and day two for the relationship with my foot!

It's amazing how many companies do home deliveries.

I met a real nice guy, Ed, who delivered groceries from the local Independent. He was so nice - unpacking them all and taking away the boxes.  Yes, he says, he'll be back.  He says he understands because he broke his hip and his recovery was six months. Can you imagine? six months? See? there's always someone worse off than be humble is a virtue and there is always a reason to be grateful.

I met a bothered chap that delivered pain pills....mmmm.....maybe he wasn't having a good day.  

Another extremely nice guy delivered crutches and a walker. He was just a courier he said, but he took the time to explain how to use the equipment....which showed yet again, the compassion of the human spirit.  He is definitely not just a courier.

The walker will become a treasured tool....
wheelies around the house!! watch me go now!
Already I've discovered how useful it is....
wheeling to get to the kitchen and then being able to stand on one foot
knowing it's there for support. I've got a little bag attached to the walker to carry anything I need. Simple idea working wonders. I can carry my tea to my chair...good because without my tea, it would be a really crappy day LOL
With the layout of this house, I'll be able to say I go around in circles all day!!

But alas I have fallen already. 
I got to the top of the stairs on my bum.... once I was on the landing,
I finally got myself up on the crutches, but lost my balance and
found myself all tangled up laying in a heap. least the broken foot was protected!
The difficult part is trying to get up off the floor to stand on the crutches....
obviously I don't have much upper body strength.
Guess that will change eh?

My big sister came up with an ingenious question was how do I do laundry?
Gather the laundry in a pillowcase tied with an elastic.
Throw down both sets of stairs.
Slide down both sets of stairs holding crutches.
Pull yourself up onto the crutches clutching the pillowcase.
Toddle off to the laundry.
Do some painting in the studio while laundry spins.
Throw in dryer and do more painting.
At the sound of the beep, gather laundry in tied pillowcase and with a large arm swing, throw up the stairs.
Using my butt, climb up it twice.
Once on the upper level....just throw the laundry where it lands! because you're too darn exhausted to care much!!!
That challenge will be met next least the logistics sound about right.

Another plan is fostering in my mind.
Right on schedule Lucy starts asking for our twilight walk tonite.
Oh my dear Miss Lucy! How I wish I could accommodate you.
I too want to go for our forest walk tonite....but alas,
I won't be able to take you.
But wait....a professional dog about that idea Lucy?
Yes....on the agenda for tomorrow to research.  
In the meantime, you & Mozart can have as many treats as you want.

So that about sums up my day....
the biggest challenge I face, once I've maneuvered the stairs,  is how to pick myself up off the floor in order to stand on crutches.
I got many weeks to figure that out.

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