Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Excitement - Living with a broken foot

Yup you read that right....a broken foot!  
So I might as well write about the experience since I'll be sitting in a chair for the next several weeks. Besides, I thought you my student would be interested of my tale as to why I've had to cancel my classes for the next six weeks.  You deserve it...but first let me apologize for the cancellation.  There's nothing worse than being hyped for a class only to have your plans changed.  Oh wait a minute...yeah there is something worse....a broken foot!!!!!

As I do every night, the pups and I go for our twilight walk through the woods. Never any excitement, simply an opportunity to be at peace, enjoy the beauty of my surroundings and listen to God's voice.  I've taken these walks for the last ten years so I'm very experienced with the terrain...every little twist and turn in the path and every tree root sticking through the ground.  There is a particular part of the path with several silver birches growing in the middle of the must walk around the young trees manueving the tree roots afoot. I usually keep my eye on these tricky parts because I live with less than half my balance in my left ear which affects the right side of my body.  I've fallen a few times, the worse to date was smashing my teeth to ruins. I lost 45 lbs during that escapade.  This may take the cake though because a broken foot affects the whole body.

Anyways, before I realized it, the gravel path was coming up to meet me.  Too bad I wasn't further along, I would have fallen on sand...but no, I have to do things the hard way! Somehow my foot landed on its outside edge.  I'm sure I would have wrecked the foot/ankle worse if it weren't for my cowboy boots providing support. I realized quickly that standing upright would require help.  A lady helped and then took off, but I shouted to another lady to help me walk go.  So I crawled to sit against a tree while the kind lady used my new one week old cell phone to dial 911. The sun was quickly setting and as I sat there, I was able to drink in the colourful beauty of the was gorgeous, bright and worthy of a paint brush....oh I will remember those moments, finding the beauty amongst intense pain.

To reach me, the paramedics had to walk 2 kms into the deep's about 2,000 steps...(I know because my new cell measures the distance!) while pushing & pulling a stretcher and bags of gear.  There they were plodding along.  A couple of real nice guys and being true to form, I noticed the wedding rings....darn it! My luck is lousy!

The first greetings before even saying hi, was if I'd been out of the country in the past 2-3 weeks and do I have any of a list of contacious diseases most of which were acrynoms I've never heard before. What's with that? Meanwhile Mozart is going bolistic greeting everyone and wanting attention while Miss Lucy quietly sits by my side offering compassion - she was concerned about her Mommy. It's all about Mozart at any given time.

I met a very nice young couple...James & his wife.  He had gone ahead to lead the paramedics to me while I enjoyed a nice conversation with his wife.  They were my good samaratans....they did what Jesus did....stopping on the path to assist.  God Bless them.
So I was lifted onto the stretcher with Lucy.  Mozart was still visiting with everyone while doing laps around the stretcher!  For some reason, I felt bad that the paramedics had to rescue me but like they said, they go and do what is required even if it means climbing this case, rough terrain and a sand pit which was the greatest challenge with two inch wheels on the stretcher....not meant for this job indeed.  So with the two paramedics, James and another chap, they were able to manage the transportation.  At one point, walkers on the route shouted that Mozart was still lallie gagging behind a great distance. That's when my commanding voice brought him back to me....and then he jumped the great height onto the stretcher.  Everyone was impressed, he was due our attention finally. He always wants to be the star of any show!

With a flashlight leading the way, we arrived at the ambulance. Then James, bless his heart dearly, offered to take my car and pups back to my house.  Can you imagine that? Somebody I never met before willing to offer such a great solution.  That chap is one in a million I think. There's probably another story there of how James managed getting the pups into the house and being able to lock down the garage door without getting bopped in the head.  If I had medals to give out, he'd get the biggest one.  Thank you James from the bottom of my heart. I simply can't describe my appreciation for you other than to say I am filled with gratitude with your goodness.

Upon arrival at the hospital, five other ambulances arrived behind us....yeah it was going to be a long evening.  By this time it's around 8 pm.....I was triaged and then sat for over 6 hours waiting for a doctor.  I mostly hung around outside in my wheelchair, it was less anxious out there and very much less crowded.  The fresh air was appealing....besides I was most wanting a smoke!!

So I learned that there was an ebola virus floating in the air....if one were caucasion I noticed, you didn't have to wear a mask, otherwise you had to... hence why everyone was being asked the same questions as I. See? it was better outside....when you're at a hospital one can contract illness....kinda an oxymoron don'tcho think?

Finally shortly after 1:30 am I met with a young female it just me or does everyone just seem younger than me? When did I grow up? Hah, now that's a joke right there!!! After touching and talking I was sent to x-ray....nice kid doing that too! By 2 am the doctor and I were reading xrays.....yup diagnosis- a clean fracture by the joint on the bone of the baby toe closest to the ankle bone.  It could have been worse if it was not a clean fracture she told me.  After describing the choice between plaster or a Star Wars boot, I chose the latter because I can remove it for sleeping & showering so I was off to get that done.  I was so exhausted by this time, I found it challenging to understand the instructions given by the technician.  By 2:30 am I was able to go home.  I called my best buddie John and bless his heart, he drove all the way from Perth to take me home. I appreciate good friends....they are my family and so I appreciate you John.  You prove that friendship has no boundaries. I'm only sorry that you had to make a full other trip today to bring me the white bag left in your car.  I owe you big time fellow if you'll allow return generosity! So there were my precious fur babies waiting for me.  A cup of homemade tea and I was ready to tackle the stairs to get a good night's sleep. that was an adventure eh? 
Just reading it was probably fun....hah, just living it was fun errrr....maybe not.  I'd rather have been teaching a pretty picture to my students!

So I apologize once again, that I had to cancel your painting classes for Sept & Oct.  Towards the end of Oct I'll consider the stage of healing and will decide then if I can teach during November.

Thanks for walking the journey with me!!!
Hah that's funny!...walking!!!!
Stay tuned for the next chaper....

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  1. Hi Marilyn,

    James here.

    Thanks for the kind words, Michele and I hope you are doing well and adjusting to your leg and air cast.

    You're art work is very good, I hope his set back doesn't impede too much on the things you love to do. I had broke my ankle and was in a cast for 3 months, you get used to doing things a bit differently but things still get done.

    We'll check back occasionally and see how you are doing, looking forward to seeing you again at Bruce Pit :)

    Take Care,