Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My latest paintings.....

I've been very busy the last couple of months painting new projects for classes.

Here are some of them.... 

my own design....

This next one is adapted from a Bonnie Seaman Design

This tulip and the daisies are scheduled for new beginners to art so I've made them as simple as possible to teach techniques.

my own design...how do you paint like a beginner all over again?!!

Anemones ...my design

I have to fix the values on this bouquet...when I take a picture sometimes, the colours in the image come out so different, maybe an excuse to buy a better camera!

(adapted Brenda Harris design)

and then I have my really two favourites...

Ford Rusty Truck.
This was a pattern in a Dorothy Dent book.D....
I read her instructions and then decided I'd do my own thing.....it was written for oils.... I used my own acrylic colour palette .....I drew my own truck freehand (those drawing classes at college really did help),  and used my own techniques. So let's say I was inspired by her painting to do my own thing....I love it. It's mostly all done with a filbert brush. This won't be taught...it's going on my wall.

This is my second favourite, it's so clean and crisp and I like how I made my bushel basket wonky.....you don't see them perfectly shaped if the basket has been used. I saw this in a Brenda Harris book and knew I just had to do it....her  basket was too perfect for me....plus I drew my own!! The cool technique I learned was to paint mostly the whole picture with a fan brush!  This will turn into a teaching class maybe for the fall.

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  1. Hey Marilyn, this is some amazing work you have there. Thanks for sharing this with the world. Amazing posts I must say. Share more stuff like this!