Thursday, April 18, 2013

Painting trip to Albany NY

Last weekend I flew to Albany NY to study oil painting with

Mary (Kingslan) Gibilisco

It's been a very very long time since I had a perfect weekend such as this.

The plane trip was originally Ottawa - Toronto - Albany but because of Toronto's icestorm, the planes were cancelled.  Thank goodness for my neighbor, Anne, having married an American, John, who volunteered to drive me to Ogdensburg NY from where I could catch an hour's plane trip into Albany.  Instead of 8 travel hours, it was only stress travel.  Sincere thanks to Anne and John.

The plane was a six seater two propped little thing...

where everyone had a window seat 

and the pilot was within reaching distance....just tap him on the shoulder!

It didn't feel like there was anything between me and the tarmac!

We never flew higher than 9-10,000 one could clearly see the cars on the roads. I even saw an American Forest Ranger's Tower in the Adirondacks mountains.

Since I arrived at 2 PM,  I had the rest of Thursday to myself and naturally that meant  shopping!! My first stop was Hobby Lobby and I nearly cleaned out their stock of Tim Holtz his stuff for my art journaling and my mixed media art.  A couple of really kewl DVD's & a good scumbler brush from Mary, and the deal of the month - a chicken wire stencil that I've been looking for for the last several months. I want to use it in my mixed media. Of course a super big bag to carry all the loot back to the hotel, it'll be great for groceries.

I had an unforgettable taxi experience. They take their cabs off their roads for two hours while they do a shift change.....all fine and dandy unless you're a tourist standing in a parking lot with no clue as to where you are, needing a taxi. A friendly family helped this damsel in distress by Googling and finding me a taxi to take me to my next pit stop, the shopping centre. That portion of the trip cost $38 for a seven minute trip!! Jeepers I was really held captive with their taxi companies.

But I had a lovely seafood dinner for twenty bucks (dirt cheap compared to Canadian prices).....

lobster, shrimp and crab cakes

Another $38 bucks back to the hotel, a late evening swim and early to bed.

The opportunity to study with Mary Gibilisco using heat set oils, Genesis, was an awesome experience.  Genesis is an oil based paint that dries on demand with either a heat gun, or by putting the project into a 265°  oven for 10 minutes. The paint never dries out on the palette, so the paint you were using six months ago is buttery soft today.  No wastage ever.

On Friday we painted pansies.  I could have done much better with this piece, but  Friday was a kind of "warm-up" day for me! I had to get into the "zone".  The large leaf is definitely not mine....Mary painted that to show me how to create to practice that technique. The raspberry needs help and the pansy needs more blending. I like to paint large flowers, so a small one for me is always a challenge.

Saturday and Sunday was a two day project, part of Mary's kitchen series.

In this case, peach preserves and a colander.
As I was painting the white label,  I burst into tears....when we were kids, Mom used to make lots of preserves, so it made since to label it "Pauline's Preserves"....I just didn't think it would affect me as it did.

The Capitolers Group of Albany NY

I met some great painters in a great group.

Returning home I was impressed with the Albany International Airport.....its focus for art presents a myriad of local talent, everything from sculptures to jewelry to paintings....including museum pieces....a great way to decorate the building while showcasing local talent.

These paintings naturally caught my eye....

Thomas Huber is the artist

Look closely...he uses a wide variety of mediums, doodles, journaling, ink, charcoal, crayon, pencils, acrylics, image transfers, stencils.....the list is endless.....

I was filled with excitement to stand there and study the depth to these paintings....

The last photo of the trip and the last sign I saw before boarding the plane

"The Meditation Room".....

mmmm.....did I need to meditate before hopping back onto the six seater plane?

Thanks Mary for contributing to a great painting weekend.

And thank you to Anne-Marie of the Capitolers  for all her great organizing skills.

I had the blast of a lifetime....and I learned so much!


  1. Sounds like a great trip Maer! Mary is a great teacher and you did a wonderful job on your two projects :-)
    Now to keep on using those Genesis paints!!

  2. Hi Marilyn, greetings from Northern Ontario. We also have a local artist named Marilyn Mills here in the Sault. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  3. Thanks for sharing your work with us!! Would love to win a class to paint with you!!!