Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Year in Review

I've been missing in action during the last year...I apologize to my readers.  Once Mom started getting sick, I lost interest in so much.  I miss her dearly and reminisce with many memories.

So to help me get back into the swing of things, I thought I'd post some of my favourite pieces painted throughout the year.

I painted quite a few acrylic's a sampling....

12x16 stretched canvas

12x36 stretched canvas

12x16 stretched canvas

12x16 stretched canvas

16x20 stretched canvas

The church below and the sunflower will be taught at upcoming classes.

12x16 stretched canvas

16x16 gallery canvas

7x9 stretched canvas

This next grouping is my watercolours.....days where I just wanna play with a brush and a water dish!

16x20 140lb CP  SOLD

16x22 140lb CP

12x16 140lb CP

22x30 140lb  CP


This next grouping is my mixed media that seems to feed my soul.

acrylics with ink

acrylics, course granular gel, stamps, inks, collage
12x16 stretched canvas

 acrylics, course granular gel, stamps, inks, collage
20x24 stretched caqnvas

Sitting on my easel now....
I'm working on three mixed media pieces....
all three are 24x24 stretched canvas

And then of course there's my fur babies...



So done for the day....

A really cold day in the forest but so much fun..

And as a final word....

share the moments that bring you joy!
(toilet roll art)

I promised myself that I would be more intentional with showing up and writing more frequently on my blog for 2013. I don't make new year resolutions but I do choose a word for the year....and this year the word is "intention" I put it out to the universe....I intend to post more regularly to my blog.

Thanks for being here.
Stay ARTistically inspired!

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  1. Hi Maer,
    You created a lot of beautiful paintings last year. I especially like the barn in the snow (with the lake behind), the flowers, the bird (I think the snow looks so real on the branches). You really do a good job with the shadows and highlights in your painting! Oh,... and I liked the dogs too, of course!
    I wish you lots of beautiful paintings for 2013 and a good health too, to accomplish them