Sunday, September 25, 2011

Watercolour Giraffe

I was going to teach this watercolour class but alas, the project will be too difficult for beginners. I found a pattern in a magazine, but didn't like the author's colour mixes nor her style, so I modified virtually the whole painting. I like how it turned out. After capturing it in the lens, I went back in and adjusted the glaze in the green area between his face and body.....I needed to bring the value up to match the green on the right. The camera really helps to identify correct values. I really liked the concept of the big guy's nose hanging over the mat. Simply cut around the giraffe using an exacto knife so that it lays properly on the mat.

Every once in a while I go on a watercolour exploration. I must have been in the zone this day to have created "Gerry the Giraffe".

Do you like him?


  1. Your Giraffe looks great, Maer. This would make a lovely painting in a child's room!

  2. Your Giraffe is wonderful. I really like the way you extended his nose into the mat area. It feels like he's coming right out of the picture and into life!