Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What direction are you going?

Another day in the country while out of town.
This trip was to St. Jabob's, a wee Mennonite town in southern Ontario.

Where time stands still.

Where an afternoon of live theatre is good medicine.

Where horse and buggy still roam.
(literally, the Mennonites drive them)

Where good food is home made.

Where corn brooms are hand made.

Where flowers show their colours

in abundance.

Then I came across this fence.
I took several shots of this odd structure
and I kept thinking that no matter where I stood,
the planks still faced outward pointing in many different directions.

The structure made me pause and think.

There are many roads in life.

Some roads point outward.
Some roads point inward.

Sometimes we need to change direction.

We need to take another road.

We need to look inward for direction
or we need to look outward for direction.

No matter where we stand though,

each road taken

should be a conscious choice.

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