Thursday, August 11, 2011

Love & Joy....

How can I portray "love" through art?
I attempted to.
This piece combines stencils, tons of different mediums for texture, Golden Acrylics,
and a stamp of "Love is patient - 1 Corianthians 13:4" .

Oh yeah...and a thingie-ma-jig I bought in the clearance bin at Michael's,
for $2 bucks.

Next I wanted to portray Joy.
Music brings joy to my heart.

I used a gel transfer for the sheet music, some wooden notes,
of course lots more texture mediums and another
thingie-ma-jig, bought at a hardware store which I secured
with a brad and heavy gel medium as an adhesive.

Needless to say, by the time I was finished both
pieces I was dancing with joy filled with love for art.


  1. I love these, Maer. The "thingie-ma-jigs" had a wonderful touch....great job!!
    Donna Petit

  2. wow maer...your blog is awesome! filled with all things obviously embrace your muses! i'm looking forward to more ... blest be! :)