Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Each of us is unique.....

It was time for a day in the country to rejuvenate the senses
and find some inspiration out in the wilds.

A bike ride was in order!!!

Chris and I headed for the wilds, little did we know
we'd get caught in several rainstorms.

I love the way the raindrops form on the vegetation.
Each droplet is a different shape.
Each droplet reflects light.
Each droplet is unique.

We found a quiet oasis away from the world and the rain.
A cloister.
We cloistered together away from the elements.
Our senses were enlightened with the smells, sights and sounds of our environment.

We were reminded that even though we were surrounded in quietness,
life was still very much present.

Life is all around us even in the quietness.
Just like each raindrop each of us are different.
We reflect light, goodness, joy.
Each of us is unique.

Scratch Art by Moi

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