Thursday, June 2, 2011

Next Night of School...Mixed Media

It's time to create some art....I had got to the point that what the teacher was teaching was stuff that I had already I spent two school nights creating "Time" using my favourite Golden Fluid Acrylics, on an 18" x 18" gallery wrapped canvas. All paints and mediums are Golden.

My supplies included cheesecloth, Crackle Paste, Gel Skins with Digital Ground, a dressmaker's wheel, Tim Holtz ldea-ology Signature Products, found ephemera, gel transfer and cork.

Here's a short tutorial explaining my process.

I first washed the canvas with raw umber and then applied a cheesecloth overlay with yet another wash of raw umber on top. The polymer adhesive in the paint supplies enough adhesive for the cloth to stay in place.

The image below is created using the Digital Ground substrate which allows an image to be printed using an ink jet printer and in this case on an acrylic gel skin.

Here you can see the effect created with the cheesecloth.

Now it was time to smear a coating of Crackle Paste over several areas. In the photo below you can see how the paste has crackled . This stuff is of a very light fluffy substance and is so awesome to spread. In some areas I applied a thick layer whereas in other places I used a thin layer. In this upper right area I dropped Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink (Meadow) and then spread it around with my fingers, the paste absorbs well.

Do you notice the very fine line of dots around the green rectangle? Those are created with a dressmaker's wheel....another kewl tool in my arsenal.

Here I carved and scratched roman numerals into dried paste and then rubbed on raw umber acrylic. The year is 2011...DUH!

Here a combination of a stamp, more Meadow Alcohol Ink, carbon black fluid acrylic and some favourite ephemera.

I added all the watch and clock pieces with brads and Heavy Gel.

This was definitely a fun painting. Do you like it?


  1. Love it Maer! I have an old pocket watch that belonged to my doesn't work, and it can't be repaired ...maybe one day, I'll do something with it!

  2. Wow the textures are amazing. Beautiful work.