Friday, May 27, 2011

Third Night of Art School

So what was this night going to be about?

The class lesson was all about "line". I was surprised to learn that I know more about lines then I thought I did.

Lines can express so many things such as emotions, they can create depth in a painting, or even define a space. In every piece of art, there must be "lines" you do it or what method you use to create them is up to the artist.

When you think about it there are several kinds of lines. Straight, curved, jagged, rolling, thick, thin, uneven, contour, cross-hatched and parallel are a few I can think of. So I set off to create lines. I got carried away with finding different tools to use. I found my lines turning into shapes. A bamboo skewer was used again as well as oil pastels, watercolour crayons, acrylic inks and even a graphite crayon. Then I introduced some arcs, curves and somehow ended up with a hot air that happened I don't have a foggy idea!

Implied lines, lines to represent an object, can be used. They can be as simple or as intricate as the artist desires. The actual outline of the subject is not necessarily rendered but rather suggested, the brain will fill in the details. For example, you could draw some implied lines suggesting a couch.....due to the surrounding environment around these implied lines in the painting, the viewer would know that a couch is implied and an element of the painting.

As in my previous posts, mixed media doesn't necessarily have to make sense to the viewer...only to the artist. Of course these paintings don't even make sense to me!.... but then making sense wasn't my intent, but rather to have fun playing with my loot of tools, paints and mediums letting my inner muse come out to play.


  1. Maer, you are having some fun! I think I need to take a class ... that way I definitely get time to get messy with some paint!

  2. It's so much fun watching you discover! Classes give you so much permission to experiment--and that's a wonderful thing.