Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Second Night of Art School

Our second night of school was all about textures, learning how to make texture with bubble wrap, an eyedropper, saran wrap, stuff like that. Well I learned how to apply those simple techniques years ago, I have kind of advanced since then. So I really wanted to play with my Golden mediums. Goodness knows I think I have them all. We didn't have to make a picture that followed the rules of composition, we just had to play.

I love black, red and white together so on a piece of 16" x 20" canvas, I simply applied black acrylic for my base. Then I started to play with stencils, cheesecloth, floor rubber, drywall mesh, and other bits and pieces. The Golden mediums I used were Pumice Gel, Glass Bead Gel, Granular Gel, and soft/hard/regular gels. Plus my one all time favourite, made by Tri-Art, is Nepheline Coarse Gel which is like cut pieces of rock...love that stuff. Then of course, there's also Golden's Crackle Medium.

Each medium provides a different texture dependent on how it's used. Some of these mediums I used with stencils, others with a palette knife, or brushed/sponged on and even applied some with a bamboo skewer.

The picture below doesn't do the texturing justice so it's kind of hard to see everything that transpired on the canvas....but I think you get the idea.....it was fun fun fun night at school.

Next week we learn about "line"

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