Tuesday, May 24, 2011

School - First Lesson in Multi Media

I'm very excited because I've registered for Art School. A two year program with eight classes in total. I chose to go part time since I'm busy with so many other things in my life.

So my first class is Multi Media.....or aka Mixed Media....a combination of different mediums in one piece of art. I love creating Mixed Media....it allows my inner muse come to the surface to play. Sometimes I'm amazed at what happens when I just allow myself to create.

Our first lesson was the obvious - talking about supplies. The supply list must have over 75 items on it....anything from a brayer, to a pen nib, inks, pastels, saran wrap, mandarin orange netting, papers, found objects and so much more! Guess what???? Blow me away.....I had absolutely everything in my studio except one thing....oil pastels. Well I have those now too!

We also had our first exercise to accomplish.

We were given one white piece of paper, one black piece of paper and a glue stick.
The goal was to simply tear the paper into any shapes you want and glue them down.

This is what I created.....

The lesson was about ambiguity. The positive and the negative. Did I tear the black paper and glue it to the white paper? or did I tear the white paper and glue it to the black paper?

So what is ambiguity? How do we see the positive and the negative? What is positive, what is negative? Or what is right and what is wrong?

Google dictionary defines ambiguity as "a lack of decisiveness or commitment resulting from a failure to make a choice between alternatives." mmmm.....look at my art exercise.....the viewer can't decide which paper was glued onto the white paper or the black paper.

Really, isn't art rather ambiguous? What you see in the art depends on the way you look at the piece. Ambiguous art may show more than one thing at the same time. Depends on what you see. In mixed media, I would perhaps suggest that it is a form of ambiguous art. Some people simply don't like mixed media saying they don't understand it, it's too confusing, it's all cafuddled and mixed up. Therefore what one person may like, another may not like. Which then leads to the question....isn't art subjective? Either you like it or you don't?

So then is mixed media art both ambiguous and subjective? Or is mixed media simply ambiguous? or simply subjective? or neither?

Maybe I'm just being ambiguous here.

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