Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Yearly Christmas Note to You My Readers.....

"Mystic Journey"
Acrylics on Canvas, 18" x 36"

It’s that time of year when I write and reflect on all that has transpired during the last twelve months. It’s also the month where I take a much needed rest, re-energize and renew my spirit.

It’s been a busy year for me. I’ve seen many of my personal goals achieved. I’ve had to bid farewell to death to some friends, both old and young. I’ve visited the hospital for the first time since my birth for some emergency surgery. I’ve taught new art classes with the Board of Ed while also foraging into teaching online classes. I’ve taken up yoga and love it as well as having took a variety of art classes in new genres. During the summer I was able to enjoy the weather with several day trips throughout Eastern Ontario. I’ve had a full and happy year.

You may know how much I enjoy my daily walks in the forest with my dogs, Kramer and Lucy. It’s seldom we miss a day. In spite of Kramer’s old age, Lucy has always been able to keep Kramer mobile. Alas, not the last few months. Kramer’s arthritis and advanced years has kept him sleeping much of the time and no matter how hard Lucy tries to play with him, he seems to have lost his bravado. However, he still prances around the house and nips at my heels especially when there’s treats being given out. He still eats like a horse so I figure he has lots of life in him yet.

My artistic talent has led me into the world of art journaling and mixed media. I tend to lean to the mixed media when my soul is confuddled in search of meaning or a state of well being. I find the process of mixed media very cathartic and even though I may not know what the finished creation will look like, I’m renewed simply enjoying the journey of the creation. On the days I simply want to paint I tend to reach for the acrylics or the oils. When in a designing mode I’ll reach for my pen and ink.

I don’t know about you but when I experience something new, an event, a new place I visit, or even making a new friend, I am filled with a sense of excitement, a sense of wonder and hope, perhaps a new beginning. Some of us will make new year resolutions. I tend to sway away from resolutions but rather tend to set goals for myself. When I combine the excitement, wonder and hope with my goals, I tend to see a new path in amongst the trees….leading me in a new direction. Sometimes the path is shrouded with a fine fog….distant and elusive but a journey worth taking. So it is with these thoughts I sat down this weekend and painted “Mystic Journey”. As I look ahead to 2011, I am renewed and energized knowing that a new beginning is in sight.

From Kramer, Lucy and myself, we wish you and your family, a wondrously joyful, peaceful and loving holiday season. May your heart and home be filled with child-like wonder and intimate spirit of the true meaning of Christmas.



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  1. I love it, the colors are awe inspiring. It reminds me of a sunrise some where in my dreams. Happy New Year Syd