Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lest We Forget.....

I finished my latest painting......I used a photograph of mine for the original design to create this poppy for a class I am going to teach. I used texture, acrylics and seed beads, creating as I went.

First using a palette knife I "buttered" Golden Molding paste onto the canvas.....I say "buttered" because I applied the paste the same way as if I was buttering a piece of bread. You can see the texture this creates on the background. I used a charcoal grey mixed in with the paste to get the colour I wanted. Then I slip slapped a metallic grey pearl over the charcoal grey using a large one inch dry brush....this adds a softness to the grey background.

Next, using the palette knife again, I laid the paste in a very thin line outlining each petal. This takes some time to accomplish because I used the side of the knife to push the paste into place.....patience is needed to get a thin paste line. Using a damp to wet filbert brush, I pulled out excess paste towards the centre of the flower so that it receded down into the poppy. After this was all dry, I was then able to apply my colour.

I base coated the entire poppy with an red orange....this took about three coats since red is not the most opaque colour. Next I dry brushed in a orange orange with a just a tiny tinge of red.....pulling the strokes from the outer edges in towards the centre. Mixing a red with drop of charcoal grey/burgundy, I shaded where I wanted to show the receeding petals. The centre is the charcoal grey/burgundy combined with shades and highlights of a couple of greens....the same greens used for the stem and leaves.

To complete the poppy and add an additional dimension, I glued a few black seed beads onto the ends of the stamens.

I'm happy with the results.


  1. Maer, your poppy is beautiful. I'm glad you described the process of is very interesting.

  2. Oh, my - Marilys - this is so beautiful. I love how it just seems to pop out of the page - makes me want to touch it. Using seed beads for the ends of the stamen is a wonderful addition. It was so interesting to hear how you formed the texture using the molding paste. Fabulous!

  3. This is really lovely. I really like the textures here.

  4. I have no idea WHY you would be happy with it. It is only GORGEOUS! I want to touch it ... I love the way you describe doing it too. I have modeling paste but haven't really used it yet. But I never thought of creating an object like that ... very cool.

  5. This is incredibly lovely! You're very talented and I appreciated your clear description of your technique!

  6. Kim Prevost (Ottawa)December 3, 2010 at 11:51 AM

    I love it! The texture and how you describe it, I can see you working so gently for the petals (you remind me of Tracy Moreau's instructions - just do it - buttery may be a new word for her when she sees this!)

    The colors are so rich, where are you teaching it at???

  7. Beautiful poppy! And very instructive to read the comments! Can't wait for more!