Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas in One Day....

In the morning, I bought the gifts....small, compact and easy to ship via post. Two hours and I was back home!!!

I don't like the appearance of store bought paper, it looks cheap and gawdy. So with my kraft brown paper I set about to make my own gift wrap. Half an hour later, the paper turned into gift wrap.

Here's what I did......sprayed Delta Ceramcoat Christmas Green and Opaque Red....a really good small spray bottle, one that shoots a fine mist, is needed otherwise big blobs of paint will appear. Then with some $1.50 rubber stamps purchased at Michael's, using a red, green and black ink, I stamped phrases like "Peace", "Joy" and "Happy Holidays randomly on the paper. At this point, I was having way too much fun!!!

Next I sprayed Krylon Clear Fixative in a few small areas to adhere cheap dollar store silver and gold stars, then sprinkled a fine dust of sparkles. I liked what I had done so far, so at this point I stopped.....knowing when to stop in one's creation is key...otherwise one starts to go overboard.

For the shipping labels to turn into tags, I sprayed them with the Delta Opaque Red. Using a large fancy stamp and green ink I stamped the design twice. I antiqued the edges with that Tim Holtz Evergreen ink. On the back another "Happy Holidays". ...then addressed them. Wrapped in green ribbons, tied with a bow, I was done.

Shopped, wrapped and tagged in less than four hours. Of course it helps when one has a small family.

Now all that's left to do is fill Kramer's and Lucy's stockings. :)

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