Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quilt Square....

What does one do while recovering from surgery?......not much it seems! Housework is out of the question!....of course it was never part of the equation to begin with!! LOL.... but no seriously....what does one do when there are restrictions for healing?

Six weeks ago I was asked to create something using a 9"x9" cotton square which will be added to numerous other squares to make a large quilt. The only idea I was given was the one word "Gloria" and it was to tie in with handbell ringing. I do not like working with fabric unless I'm sewing something for the house, so this project was a bit daunting for me. I procrastinated blaming my inspiration for not producing. Finally this week, getting fed up with lazing around, I tackled this project. After fooling around some, I had a plan. The result is the above quilt square.

Here's what I did....
I knew that in my stash of "junk" I had two pewter hand bells just begging to be used! I brushed black acrylic ink onto the fabric until the fabric was fully saturated then I let it all dry. With a chinese brush, I drybrushed whisps of silver metallic acrylic ink lightly over the surface. With the properly choiced lettering stencil, I used the Sharpie Metallic Silver Poster Paint marker to pen the words. Then the square needed a frame so I chose some black/silver seed beads and embroidered them onto the material. I certainly didn't enjoy sewing the beads but I did them while watching a favourite tv it wasn't too painful!
The project is completed and is flying its way to its recipient....yippee or should I say "Gloria"


  1. This is wonderful. I'm recovering too but I couldn't read or do anything like that for days. I still have to be careful but I am doing art.
    Congratulations on a finished project.

  2. You are so amazing! Thank you for the kind comment!

  3. It's beautiful Maer! Do you think you will get to see a picture of the finished quilt?

  4. Great job with the quilt square! I don't know what I would have done with that either. Yours looks so pretty, and I love your lettering!

  5. You did a great job on this quilt block! Your comment on the sewing part made me smile, you don't seem to be too fond of this occupation!

  6. Lovely! I am partial to black and silver, so this quilt square is right up my alley! I hope you are feeling better and are on the road to recovery.