Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who Am I???

I have really loooooong toe nails.....

I have a really cute nose....

Big eyes.....

A really shaggy hairdo....

And I'm as cute as a button!!!

I'm an Alpaca!
My name is Izzy!
Ain't I cute?

And this is the wool that was just sheared off me!!! well ok....this batch has been cleaned and combed and is now ready to spin and dye!

I recently attended FibreFest, a fun country outing at the Almonte Textile Museum featuring demonstrations of knitting, lace making, smocking, weaving, spinning, quilting, penny rugs and more. Afternoon treats in the Tearoom saw me enjoying homemade sandwiches, ginger carrot soup and of course tea!

The most enjoyable part was meeting Izzy!!! She was so friendly....warm and fuzzy!


  1. Animals are always fun to meet and seeing the yarn they produce is great too. Sounds like a fun day.

  2. Does this little guy live in Noah's ark? :-)