Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today was a day where I did a whole bunch of small stuff and then I wonder what I have to show for my work. In a nutshell plum nothing!

(I wish this guy was in my class!!!)

I started the day with my yoga class.....I love my yoga....stretch here, there and everywhere, twist and twine, bend and fold, all the while focusing my mind to hold the stretched pose. If I ever get offered a job on the circus tight rope I'll be malleable enough to get thrown around up there!!! I am now officially involved in a new relationship....a relationship with my muscles....they cry loudly while I ignore their pleas for gentleness!

Later in the morning I was asked to create humongous banners.....two acrylic painted canvas banners depicting rainbows. This involved an engineering mind (whoops I'm fried already, if a "mind" is required!!!!) just to plan how they'd be created....measuring, drawing, measuring, thinking. That last step really tripped me up!

My Buggsie

Which brings me to the next point. The banners are soooo large, they will need to be created somewhere other than the studio.... how about the driveway?.....but wait....with the weather being unpredictable lately, that idea won't work (where's that mind again?!!!)..... the garage....yes the which case my little Buggsie will need to sit in the driveway

Which brings me to my next point. The garage. My garage is probably the only garage in Ottawa that is painted lilac!!! Ok .....maybe the only garage in Ontario painted in lilac!!! The point is ....this will now need to become my second studio! Notice how clean and organized my garage is? It even has carpet to walk on for our snowy winters!

Back to the point...the clean and organized garage.....if I'm going to paint the humongous banners in the garage, then it just can't be.....chaos and confusion just cannot enter the garage.....I can't have three areas in the house in utter disarray!! Oh my what is an artist to do? I mean, can I expect myself to paint neatly do you think? Can I keep this garage area neat? Is the Pope Catholic?

So where am I going with all this? I don't know. I do know I did a lot of stuff today. I also know I made a lot of points in this posting. And that's the point.....I've made a lot of points and said nothing.......kind of like my day! :)


  1. I love your garage! Now I want to change my garage walls to anything but the boring beige they are now ... well, my whole house is that color (it was easier to pick one color during the building).

  2. Well I found several points of humor! Oh, I have plenty of days where nothing gets done as I flit from this to that with my mind not wanting to pay attention to anything. At the end of some of those days I do a zentangle to both unwind and to be able to say I DID do something! What are you making the banners out of? Could you do them in partial strips sewing together after painting and then touching up over the felled seam? I may be too late with my idea should you even like it (your post didn't have a date as far as I could see - maybe my mind isn't working today as my dear (yeah, right) hubby was telling me).

  3. I loved your post!!! It describes a lot of my days!

    Donna P.