Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rainbow Days

Shot by me August 4th after a thunderstorm

Do you ever have days where inspiration seems non-existent? or days where creativity has come to a stand still? Maybe it's the lazy hazy days of summer.....all this humidity we're having to deal with is a little much! Maybe it's the fact that, as promised to myself, taking the month of July to recharge, relax and regroup before starting another semester of classes; I now want another month to do it all over again. So who says I can't do it all over again? I suppose I could take August to recharge, relax and regroup....again. The only problem with that idea is that the Fall class projects need to be painted and if I don't get to them then my students won't have anything to learn!

Ok so maybe I can dream that my class projects are painted already. Maybe I can sip an ice cold lemonade on the patio while catching up on some magazine reading. Or maybe I could waste some time playing computer games, reading stuff on Facebook, or watching some old black and white movies. Heck I could even get ambitious and transfer my VHS tapes over to DVD's.

One thing I know for sure. After sunny rain storms there is always a knowing that provides creativity and inspiration will return ....and my own rainbow will once again shine.


  1. Beautiful words ... and rainbow! Clouds here looked very weird today ... like the ocean was in the air. Never seen anything like it before.

  2. I know from taking your water colour class that you put your whole heart into you deserve to take a breather, enjoy nature around you and feel recharged!
    Take care, dot

  3. HI there Love the rainbow--remember that feeling of when something is completed? I find for myself that if I can get even one thing done from my list then I feel more able to relax for a bit. If you can do that in bits and pieces over the next few weeks you can relax take it easy and get stuff done. That's how I would work it but that's just me. :) I know you'll be all ready to go for your Fall semester of art students, you are a lady that like to be prepared, cool and collected for your students. You will be ready when the time comes. Cheers!

  4. Very nice picture. I love taking pics of the rainbows. And, for as long as you have been painting which I have too in some form, the one comfort I have found from having years in the doing is that the dry periods DO always go away and the creativity does return, usually with a new twist. Hope it is soon for you.

  5. okay Ms Smarty Pants....I can't take pictures like you do....baaaah...they are wonderful!!!