Friday, July 9, 2010

Watercolour Pencil Class a Success!

I've been so missing in action here on my blog! Where did the last twelve weeks disappear to? I was having way too much fun teaching watercolour pencil to over 60 international online studuents . The pilot program was a success! Yippee!!! Thank you to all my made me want to get to the computer each day to view your homeFUN! I guess I'm now officially a film-maker...what a blast that was, filming myself! Some days I demo'd for 20 minutes only to discover I forgot to turn the button on the camera to "record"! DUH!....lights camera action...let's do it again! Let's not talk about how many times I had to "do it again"!!!

In between teaching, walking 4 miles each day in the forest and keeping up with general business, I've also been able to get loads of painting done. Wow....I've been in a real creative mode lately. So I'll get my pics posted of it all.

In the meantime, surf on over to my sister blog.... watercolor pencil and check out all the information on studying watercolour pencil. You can take the class anytime you want and can study at your own pace! Teacher, moi!, is always available too!

Ok time to grab some tv and relax time!

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