Monday, July 19, 2010

Scary Reality....

Now this is a very scary day when you end up painting something like this!

A few weeks ago in one of the groups I belong to, we had a discussion about faces etc and how they are so prolific in Somerset Studios publications. Everywhere you look in their magazines are images of faces and many shapes and sizes but always based on profiles. Most of us agreed that it was just too much of too much!

I guess the discussion offset something in me and that day I sat down and ended up with this painting. What's with that? I had no expectations when I put brush to canvas other than that I wanted to paint a face...any face, just a face.
I have absolutely no knowledge about how to paint a human face other than the fact that it is divided into equal thirds. So that was my starting point, dividing the canvas into thirds. The rest of the painting simply evolved. After three and a half hours this is what I ended up with. Like I said earlier, its scary!!! What is interesting to me is that one eye is larger than the other, the hair is showing wisps of grey and the lips are not in proportion on each side.

The painting is sooo overly dramatic.....too much of too much! Drama Queen comes to mind.
So is my inner voice shouting something to me? Do I wanna listen?

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  1. I wanna listen. I keep avoiding taking a face drawing class saying I can do it on my own but I think it would really be easier if I'd just give in and take that particular drawing class. Maybe in September. Now that you've painted one you can decide what you like and change what you don't on the next painting.