Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Pairee Holiday

Another mixed media piece...mmmmm...perhaps I'm on a roll to somewhere - just don't know where!!! ...but that's the part of the art journey that is fun...discovery merged with creation.

For this piece I had only one direction in mind....the subject matter had to be about Paris. The applications are similar to Travelling Discernment as posted below. This time I chose images and words that were Paris related. I wanted only two colours so I chose a bright fushia colour and found the hue I wanted in the Traditions paint - Light Violet. For the rich blue I used Ultramarine 123 in the Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic paint. I created large batch of washes in each colour and then slip slapped the paint in random strokes all over the canvas being careful not to add too much wash to the four images. I wanted them to be somewhat visible once I was finished with the painting.

While the paint was still wet, I scratched in some lines with a palette knife and a comb. In some areas I rubbed back with water. Once dry I started adding some texture. Here I added corrugated cardboard and tissue paper.

This bit was strips were first laid down. You can see the tiny squares of black. Then the strip was painted white with an old scrumbler brush and then combed. I used a small bottle lid dipped in the blue paint to create the circles. Circles are very powerful images so I needed to keep them small for this piece.

Here I had rubbed back the images again so that they are more visible. The pink texture is the Tri-Art Nepheline Coarse that stuff!.....I applied the gel then painted it with the Light Violet.

These scrolls are wood, found at the dollar store! applied with Golden Heavy Gel and placed in the middle of the canvas off centre. Now my eye flows through the painting.... with the white line of paint leading me through and the images on the side and the white tissue/cardboard keeping my eye in the painting.

At this point, the colours shouted too loudly!! Using a small spray bottle I splattered a fine mist of a white wash. I got a tad carried away with the white spray so I used a splatter screen and splattered somewhat larger blue paint.

After letting it sit for a few days I knew the painting was complete. I went to Paris for less than five bucks!!!


  1. This is lovely. Looks like it was fun to do.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your process. It was interesting to watch the process unfold. Is the arc de triomphe a transfer or did you decoupage it first? -teri

  3. Enjoyed hearing how you made this piece. It would be interesting to see a wall with a block of these done. You seem to make them mainly in one color so they would look great hung as a grid.