Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympics are here......

The Olympics have finally arrived and I'm pumped!!!! You can bet I won't be doing much art work over the next 16 days.....I'll be glued to the television!!! 
In December I fell out of bed (in my case that is "literally"!) early one frosty morning with my tea in hand and walked over to where the Canadian torch was passing through town.  I was very fortunate because the walk was a mere ten minutes.

The excitement was palpitating...a once in a lifetime experience!! It takes a lot for me to get up so early (7 AM!!) but this was well worth it.  

I received a free Coke and a couple of flags....something more to dust I suppose (NOT!). I was really looking for free samples (you know....toonies!!) from the Royal Bank but alas I couldn't be so lucky!!

Now here we are with the opening ceremonies having taken placed. A couple of highlights for me was Sarah McLaughlin singing one of my favourite songs...."An Ordinary Miracle"......."Hallelujah" by K.D.Lang and the 
and the poem written and read by Shane Koyczan.  The words of the poem can be found here.
As Shane reminds us, Canadians are more than just zed, maple syrup, "eh", Wayne Gretsky and beer brewing.
We are Canadians at the Winter Olympics...prepared to win medals.
I'm so proud to be a Canadian!!!

Go Canada Go!

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  1. Maer, I'm a little late in posting, but I LOVED watching the Olympics and even though I live in Minnesota, I was so Happy to see Canada win in Hockey! The opening ceremonies were wondeful and I now want to visit Vancouver! See you through Blissfully Art Journaling!