Saturday, January 23, 2010

A surprise gift....

A very unique and surprising gift arrived at the door this week.  Receiving mail and unexpected treasures are so much fun aren't they? I love them....they create for special moments to make a cloudy weather day sunny. So I tore open the package and there embedded amongst the packing paper was a beautiful fushia coloured (one of my favourite colours!) album filled with some precious paintings.  Take a look....

Top Mary Ann Gilhuly, Bottom - Doreen Bathurst

Top - Nancy Maxsom, Bottom - Elaine Dillon

Left - Marlene Huxter, Right - Janice Montreuil

Left - Dianne Watson, Right - Dianne Pearce

Left - Sharlene Arseneau, Right - Wendy Burgess

Top - Lin Jarvis, Bottom - Ruth Walker

Sue Beckerton

Left - Pam Caley, Right - Heather Westgard

Left - Donna Petit, Right - Betty Watson

I can pick out acrylics, watercolours, a real maple leaf, three-dimensional paint, pen/ink, oils, scrapbook paper, metallics, glitter, sparkles, beads and wood amongst the mediums - a wide array of talent from some of my friends at DAIC.

I spend time each day finding my bliss with quotations.  I collect my favourites in a journal so that they can be enjoyed at any time.  I have hundreds and one that I came across this week was written by Sir Winston Churchill....."we make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."

Without ever a desire to receive, I've always practiced, because it is a value of mine, to give to the universe whether through the church, my community or my neighbor next brings me a great sense of happiness, inspiration and another form of self-worth. For three years I, with the help of many volunteers and friends, founded, nurtured and grew Decorative Artists in Canada and for me it was a labour of love, dedication, fortitude and goal-setting (with a few tears thrown into the mix!)... the journey of a for which I feel richly blessed for having walked.  The paintings above form a rich tapestry of thank you's to me from friends I have met, love and appreciate during this latest walk.  Their creativity continues to surprise and delight me....and you can see why with the paintings above.  One artist writes...."thank you for your enthusiasm and generous nature, you took a dream and made it into a reality"....another artist writes - "I chose the subject of a bird to paint as a symbol of you growing wings and soaring to new heights in your own creative journey"....another writes..."thank you for your friendship, guidance, patience, understanding, encouragement, cheer, wisdom, laughter and leadership". 

Other written sentiments include ...."you've been a great source of inspiration to me as I explore my own creativity"....."the painting represents what I think of you-a very classy lady, truly a class act"...."you are an inspiration to us all"....."you have invented an amazing art group"...."thank you for your dream to build and work so hard and giving of yourself to bring to life DAIC"...."thanks Den Mamma for all your help"...."you brought people together who essentially create alone and you gave them an outlet to learn, share and encourage"......and finally....."Maer - may all the ripples in life be little ones and may the waters be calm.  Let all problems roll off, like water off a duck's back".

It is I who is filled with gratitude. Thank you to DAIC, to each member, to each artist who has touched me in some way during the last three years. I am filled with awe with your tokens of love and appreciation. 

Thank you.

Andrea Parent


  1. I am speachless and almost teared up looking at all of the support and gratitude shown by this group. Maer - you started it all!
    Cheryl Todd Shergold

  2. What an AMAZING gift to receive! Lovely, lovely work!

  3. Maer,
    these are wonderful, what a lovely idea! thanks for sharing. I have been busy trying to create, so not much time to play on the computer.
    Just such a wonderful creative family we have in the DAIC!