Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inspiration, Motivation....Passion

I love to gain inspiration and motivation from reading others' blogs. One such blog is written by a gentleman named Ken Johnston. I've never met this chap but I so love reading his entries. Ken's blog is about thoughts on creating positive changes in our lives and he always gets my mind working in overdrive or in some cases simply working!

I particularly want to mention Ken's latest entry. The words of Nelson Mandala of which Ken quotes .... "if you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart". Upon first reading this, I realized I would have to re-read this several times to fully comprehend the true meaning of Mandala's thoughts.

I've often joked with my friends that guilt is a great motivator. Sometimes that theory works! When working in the corporate world, I found many colleagues going through each day as if it were a prison filled with must-do's only to be met with resistance with colleagues or even the boss. For some, working in a field where there is little passion is often seen as confinement, a daily trudge to the office of no appeal. Many wish they were doing something else, chasing a dream or reaching for the stars. Since entering the art world, I started chasing my dreams. Art is a vehicle to express myself, a visual reference to myself of my constant self-growth and even as a road map for my future.

I'm sure you have heard of how artists suffer creative blocks. Franklin Ayers, an illustrator, understands and writes exactly what a creative block is all about for me. For me this week, there has been no desire to get to the studio or no "get-up-and-go" to meet a time deadline. Even getting to the forest with the dogs has been difficult these last few days. This past week has been simply that....a week of no -"get-up-and-go" "got-up-and-left" me behind feeling morose and fettered. Not a great place to be for an artist. Heck not even a great place for me, myself and I.

Upon reflection I felt inspiration in droves a few weeks ago when I photographed buildings, cemetery plots and even old doors, photos of pine trees, the river bed filled with smooth rocks and the sand beneath my feet. Inspiration to create overwhelmed me. A happenstance of some sort usually provides the right incentive to get back to the studio and do what I love to do...muck about with art.

I have no clue to where this lack of inspiration, this week, is coming from. All I know is I have to find some inspiration and I have to find it quickly. As Ken readily points out, inspiration needs no motivation. I believe one only needs passion to have the inspiration flow. I guess I've now determined, this past week has provided a lack of passion within me. I have been blind-sided very quickly and I don't like the feeling all that much of discovering my passion has "got-up-and gone".

Somehow, somewhere, I have to rediscover my passion hidden inside myself. And I have to do it quickly in order to keep breathing, it's a must for my survival. My passion will lead me back to inspiration.

I invite you to read more about "creating positive change" in your life by referring to Ken's blog and his latest journal're sure to be inspired and just maybe understand more about passion and if it's important to you in your life.


  1. I was on a blog linked from EDM yahoo group where a guy was talking about the artist's block theory. He theorized it's all bunk. Would an ad-man not do his job at work because he's not in the mood today? No. Would a muscician not play in his performance? No. So his theory is that we are saying that we CAN'T when we really just mean WE DON'T WANT TO. Now, I haven't put that to the test but it sounds good to me. One suggestion given to me to get out of a slump is to sit down and draw (or paint or quilt...) for 10 minutes and then quit if you want to. Do this every day. What you'll find is (at least I have) that once you start, the mood changes and now you get into it more. You can't quit after 5 minutes saying its not working. Give it 10 minutes. We all have times we don't feel like it and if we aren't working for a corp. or by the hour it doesn't matter if we take a break and do something else to refresh ourselves. So don't stress unless it becomes too long a time period and then try the 10 minute routine. What do you think? Game for it?

  2. Hi Maer;
    I agree with Freebird. I know how you feel though. Last week was just like that for me and then I was talking to my friend and she said to me, "You know Kelly... this year is my year for "YES", I am going to say 'YES' to everything that comes my way!" I thought about that and then I pondered on all the things I put to the side and say, "I can't do it", but what if I just simply got of my seat and said "Yes I can!". So I started on my new journal prompt series "Past/present/future". I am going to go for it and start teaching art journaling and I thought of this in my most uninspired time! Thanks for your comments on my blog and for your encouragement always.