Thursday, October 22, 2009

A split banana......

What is happiness to are some of my awwwhhhh moments for me......things that create for happiness within myself. I've often heard happiness is a choice...its found within ourselves not outside of ourselves. I tend to agree wholeheartedly.

the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks
the pitter patter of raindrops
the sound of cold crisp crunchy snow beneath my boots
a banana split
the illumination of a thousand stars
a dog's sigh
the smell of home cooking
the taste of mom's apple pie
the smell of a man's after shave
the morning bird's song
a bookstore filled to the roof with clean book jackets
a bare canvas
a soft peck on the cheek for no reason
the feel of a man's hand in the small of my back
the quiet word spoken from a friend
the snuggly warmth of a duvet
morning coffee brewing
an embracing hug just because
humour that makes me snort!
the crackle and smell of a wood burning fireplace
the glee of a caught fish
the "rush" of anticipation
quiet acceptance
to hear my dad's voice
a late night chat with a girlfriend
the smell of pine in a forest

and these are just a few. Yes...I'm blessed with being happy.....something I choose to be.

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