Sunday, October 25, 2009

Country Excursion.....

What do you do on a dreary overcast waiting-to-rain
Saturday afternoon?

For this city chick, but a wanna-be-country girl, you spend the afternoon in the country - sheer delight for someone like me who doesn't want to grow up!... A special treat when I don't have to drive! There's lots to explore, new smells, old buildings to visit and if you're really adventuresome...even a cemetery!

My friend and I found a road called the "Old Cemetery Road" so naturally we deducted we would find a cemetery if not at least a few headstones. Check this out.....

Notice the paint palettes? I wonder what the epitaph refers to?.......who was Wayne? what did he paint? has he taken his final flight? or is he still flying? and his significant other???

I love this you know what it is?

What about these??? I simply think of them as jack-o-lanterns but I'm sure there's a more correct name. Let me know....I like them because the orange reminded me that Halloween is next weekend.

My eye caught these gourds to the entrance of the "The Old Mill"....I immediately thought of my friends in DAIC who love to paint gourds.....these gourds obviously haven't been discovered by any of my artist's buds.....I like their rustic appeal.... and this bit about "taverners"???... ummmm is this what we looked like after eating a pound of chicken wings and downing a few Keith's?!!!

I was fascinated with doors today and there were a few I found appealing......

The general store.....I wonder the secrets behind its windows?

And finally.....there's always a church in every small town......

This church was over 100 hundred years old and this
looked like the original stained glass.

I took more view here.

So what do you do on a dreary overcast waiting-to-rain Saturday afternoon?
You visit a cemetery, chow down some chicken wings,
shoot some pics and enjoy a superb conversation
between friends.

The day was no longer ended to soon.


  1. What a great way to spend an autumn day. You have some great photos that could be awesome watercolor paintings. Great inspiration!

  2. Love the had a great time...I love poking through graveyards hubby and I used to do it a lot when we travelled...I also like you a thought about what they've seen and heard.....

  3. I love, love your doors, many beautiful photos and then I checked out the others as well. Gorgeous. These would make awesome backgrounds for digital collage!! Hugs Gayle (from A.R.T.)