Monday, October 26, 2009

Bunny Hop in Autumn......

I've seen wee white tailed bunnies during the summer as I walked the hood so this little darlin' was crying to be coloured. This is a Tina Sue Norris design for watercolour pencil. This past week has seen me painting other's designs in watercolour pencil, probably because I wanted to learn some new techniques and also because I'm not in a designing mode now!!! I just wanna paint without using a ton of brain cells. This little guy did the job for me! Notice the snow on the branches....this was done by using the white of the surface and painting the blue around it....kewl eh? That was the easy part.....the hardest part? .....getting his nose pointed in the right direction towards the bird and as with anything, a tad of perseverance and patience always pays off! Whatcha think?