Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time Workshop

I was interested in "time" and how I use it each day. There never seems to be enough hours to get all we want accomplished. Am I using it productively? Am I making time for fun? Why does it seem that I'm racing against a deadline? Is there a possibility of creating more minutes in a day than the time clock provides? Do I enjoy each and every minute of every single day? "Moments" in time was something that piqued my interest back in the spring so I just had to study "time".

Take a walk with me through my journal pages. I studied a thirty day online workshop at ArtellaLand. Working at my own speed I finished my journal within 35 days. More importantly after working at something consistently for 30 days, I have now formed a habit....creating something every day, if only in a sketchbook.

Here you can watch a slideshow of My Artella journal pages.

Or if you don't fancy the slideshow.....view the journal here.


  1. Hi Marilyn. Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving a comment on the Photoshop class. The funny thing about it was when I went to log on - the prompt told me the class was full - so I didn't even get to join in on the fun! LOL. I am going to try to log in really early next week. I'm glad you got on.

  2. I love this journal! Did you make it yourself? Very Cool!!