Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Classes are available private or group in my private studio on an ongoing basis.

Just tell me what you are interested in learning and I will design & create a class just for you. 

 I teach with acrylics, watercolours and watercolour pencils and virtually every pen & marker on the market!. I teach art journaling, mixed media, artful lettering, Zentangles, Mandalas and more. I'm very knowledgeable about all mediums with over 20 years experience.

If you're interested in a paint party, I am more than pleased to host your event at your choice of location.....please email me for more information.

Please contact me at 

I would love to hear from you
In the meanwhile
Stay ARTistically inspired

All Day Workshop

Make your own Sculpture.

You can view samples of some of my sculptures further down on this page.

Our next workshop will be Fall 2017

Workshop will include

sculpture product
wired armitage
some clothing and accessories
full course lunch
(notify me of any dietary restrictions and I'll try to accomodate)
wine & cheese with fruit
hand chosen rock 
I changed my mind  ...its easier for me to go rock hunting 'cause there's so many variables
and I wanna make sure we get specifics.

You need to bring

a package of white Walmart t-shirts - they come three to a bag for $10 - please wash them with no fabric softener
100% cotton doilies, napkins, tablecloths, placemats.
Make sure they are 100% cotton! 
Go to Value Village, they have tons of this kind of thing.  Just wash them all before bringing.
ribbons, bows, beads etc and any wee things that you want your sculpture to include
Wear your worse clothes!......product does not come out of anything
one small deep plastic container from dollar store - about 8" - 10" deep with a wide mouth
package of surgical gloves found at a drugstore
- not rubber gloves you do the dishes with -

To secure your registration a non-refundable deposit of $50 is required
which I use to buy the product - I have to travel out of town to pick it up so
your deposit will not only secure your seat but allows me to prepare as well as to know how many to cook for.

Registration closes Wed October 19th.

Don't wait til the last minute to register.  
First come first served!

One low cost of $137

Payable with PayPal (no account required)
allows you to pay with credit card
just click on the buy now button

Pay $50 deposit now with remainder payable, in cash only, at workshop
no personal cheques please


Pay $137 total cost now

Thank you for your registration

any questions please email me

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Intuitive Sculpting....

I'm so excited to finally share with you.....now that all the Christmas gifts have been delivered.

These are my latest works of art.

I call this form of art "Intuitive Sculpting"

I  totally rely on my intuition....
I have no pre-conceived notion of the final piece....
which adds to the therapeutic intuitive part of the sculpting.

This first picture is the first sculpture I created.

I was sobbing while I was dressing her.
I used several hankies that my Dad mailed to my Mom while he was posted overseas during the war.  Mom collected teddy bears as well and I knew  that this was one art project that would honour my late Mom.

I started with a chosen rock from the forest....built an armiture, used cotton t-shirts and a product called Powertex  to create a form, after which I "dressed" her with her outfit.

This sculpture I named "Paulie" after my Mom whose name was Pauline.

This next one is called "Feeding the Birds" as seen in Trafalgar Square in England (which I have visited)
She's made using a gray coloured Powertex.

"Meditative Prayer"

I moved next into creating 3 foot sculptures. The size allowed me to become even more creative while dressing her.

Meet "Victoria"

and then there's "Elizabeth"

with a couple of close-ups showing her detail....

she's made with cotton placemats and lots of cotton doilies.

So that's what I've been busy creating while mending a broken foot.

I will be making more of these you can bet and hope to sell them in a local art gallery.

If you want to order a custom made sculpture please email me....I'd feel most 
honoured to create a personalized sculpture just for you or a loved one.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas message.....

I'm writing with disbelief that Christmas has arrived.
I remember ,clearly, the beginning of this year and all the goals I had listed on my studio wall.....all the things I wanted to accomplish.  It seems like only yesterday when I posted that list.....and now another year is going to turn on the calendar.
Time goes by so very quickly doesn't it?
When I was a little girl, it took forever for Santa to arrive each year.
Now, he visits in the blink of an eye.

My Christmas tree is decorated, the stockings are hung from the mantle, the gifts are wrapped and the poinsettia has been delivered by a dear friend. Thanks friend! It's the biggest poinsettia I've ever seen.

I must show you my stocking......

My Mommy did cross-stitch.....hundreds and hundreds of stitches counted throughout her lifetime of numerous pieces.  If you've ever been in my home, you'll see lots of framed cross-stitch art.  Each person in our family received a stocking with their own name.  That means she stitched this pattern nine times. Can you imagine? And the stocking is 2.5'...huge!  Gee I don't even paint a piece more than once let alone nine times. I treasure my stocking because it makes me feel that Mom is here with me at Christmas, a very spiritual time of the year for me.  Yes, the other two stockings belong to the fur babies and yes each with their names.

My family will be visiting this holiday season so the anticipation of their arrival has begun. We'll be keeping with tradition by enjoying our Christmas dinner at the Chateau Laurier. They have a buffet to die for.....last year I ate eight plates of food...this year I'm going to try for 9!!!  We'll again drive to Taffy Lane in Orleans to see their street filled with Christmas lights. We'll hang out by the fire, laugh, share and enjoy each other.

So what are your plans for this Christmas season?
Drop me a note....I'd love to hear from you.

Faith makes all things possible,
Hope makes all things work,
Love makes all things beautiful,
May you have all three this Christmas

Merry Christmas
Maer, Miss Lucy & Mozart.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kick The Boot Off Day....

Yippeee.....the AirBoot has been removed!
Now I'm busy learning how to walk, especially hard when the muscles in the foot and the leg
have kind of disappeared.  I'm making sure I follow the physio-therapist's instructions.... I want the leg to heal well. 

There has been a fair bit of excitement now that I am boot free.

My girlfriend took me out to lunch......

Hamburgers at The Works ....it was so good.....notice the salt shaker? a lightbulb...kewl eh?

Another day we hit the Tanger Outlets......
We rented a wheelchair and off we went!

Yeah we were loaded with "Aldo" packages because I bought footware.....who in the world buys footware with a broken foot? Apparently I do !!

I certainly couldn't resist because the shoes were only $15 and the boots $20.
Who can buy footware for those prices!  And yes they fit too!!

I bought a wee "Coach" purse for my cell phone and some gloves for my classes to keep my fingers warm. So all in all it was a great day.
Thank you Janet!

I did alot of armchair designing and colouring.  Below are watercolour tulips that I will  teach soon.  Notice all the swatches of colour? I do that while I'm designing so that I know the palette months down the road.  This method also helps me to see the correct values as I colour.  Do you like them?

Another project I tried working on was a macaw.  Birds are something out of my comfort zone but this was the best time to play.  Here you can see that it may take quite a few drawings to figure it all out.
Six drawings and yet I still have another few to do before I finally get the bird to my liking.  Watch for this as a future class as well.  This is done using watercolour pencils.

Here I'm creating the beak and head. One must be very careful creating the eye....the focal point of the whole bird.

I'm not finished tweaking the macaw, but soon...I can't wait....it's been a long process!

Another watercolour pencil design.....I don't like anything about it so it's going to the bottom of the "dislike" bin.

As you can see I did a lot with my watercolour pencils.  I used the Derwent Inktense pencils

You can get these at Amazon.  They lay down in the same way as w/c pencils....but once dry they are permanent ink so there's no adjusting the colours.  The colours are rich and vibrant, juicy and very creamy.  I love mine.
Great for designing too!

This is the beginning stages of "Sharron".....a rubber stamp sold at Crop A While Store.  This will be a class at the store scheduled for the end of February.  This will be an introduction to watercolour pencils. Not only do we learn the medium but we learn how to paint head & shoulders - applying the lights and darks in the face. So here's your chance to try them out!  I'm just finishing up the art piece and will post when completed.

And what would an update be without pics of the kids.....
this is Mozart with a bad case of "bed head" !!!

Lucy found a new way of sleeping....I don't know how this posture could be comfortable!

Mozart being a mixim wanting to go for another ride on the walker!

That's it for now folks.....I will update my class schedule once all details are finalized with dates etc.
I start back to work in January....yippeeee!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another day of adventure...yahoo!!!

Oh wait a minute...
I nearly forgot one leg is outta action.

I got my new chair yesterday..
a chair for the shower equipped with a "transfer board"
(I'm learning a whole new language)
Yes a "transfer board"
It's a board that is sturdily attached to the shower chair that comes out over the edge of the tub.   All I have to do is slide along and voila! I'm in the tub.

Oh the fresh perky feel of water rushing over me...
the thrill of finally getting squeaky...I love it.

When I moved to Vancouver, the first 63 days, it rained non-stop.  An umbrella quickly became part of my fashion statement....I had purple hair in those days :)
I remember hammering nails into the wall so that I could hang pictures....I would hear the drywall crumble inside the wall.....humidity's affect. When I moved out, I lost my security deposit for too many holes in the wall !!!!!!

Instead of griping and complaining about the rain, I entered into a feeling of acceptance.....
acceptance that I had chosen to live in a rainy climate....
acceptance that my umbrella was a required accessory
and that rain boots come in a rainbow of colours...
acceptance that the rain is part of God's creation...
and that it can nurture and bring new life.
One way or another I was going to embrace it for its beauty.

Now when I hear the sounds of raindrops on my roof, 
I take a moment, close my eyes and enjoy it.  
It evokes memories of green foliage in Stanley Park...
the smell of freshness as the soil dries....
 water droplets lightly landing on a green leaf.

I love the rain.
I love the shower.
It feels like raindrops falling upon my head.
A new beginning...
new growth...
new challenges.

I may not have the use of my leg...
but  I was finally able to get a shower...
I feel renewed now.